Responsible Tourism

We want to preserve the destinations we travel to for future generations.

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world and so we at Classic Challenge are committed to our Responsible Tourism Policy.

Taking groups of people to remote destinations can be a life-changing experience for our participants and so we also want to ensure that all of our challenges leave only a positive experience to the people and places we visit. It is our responsibility to ensure that we operate in an ethical and sustainable manner in all aspects of our challenge events, from conception, to booking, to participating, to your return. 


Where possible we use locally owned and run accommodation. We use local equipment and vehicles when we can and hire them from local qualified agencies. In most destinations we aim to purchase our food from locally produced sources. We employ local guides and whenever possible arrange for them to give cultural talks about the area to promote inter-cultural understanding and encourage people to respect the society they are visiting.


We encourage participants through our Tour Managers, pre-event literature and daily briefings to act in a responsible way and respect the local customs e.g. appropriate dress code, use water sparingly, ask permission to take photographs etc.  We always bear in mind environmental and cultural issues when looking at the charity challenges we develop.  We ensure that our events are appropriate to local conditions and operate within the limits set by local infrastructure. 


We regularly review our suggested packing lists to make sure they contain equipment which help prevent potential damage to the local environment.  As a responsible tour operator we recognise that it is our responsibility to ensure all of our participants are as up to date as possible about the destination they are visiting.  This includes entry requirements and visas, vaccinations, training, currencies and any cultural differences to be aware of in advance. 


We take responsibility for maintaining the environment and not leaving litter behind. We take our own bin bags to destinations where they are difficult to procure.  We are also moving towards a total ban on single-use plastics on any of our overseas events.  This is a goal we hope to achieve in the next 12 months.  All participants are instructed to bring reusable containers and where possible all water provisions are provided from purified local sources. 


We take note of any changes to the local environment through our Tour Manager event reports and act accordingly.  If we are concerned about any destination-specific issues we will discuss and feedback to our ground agent to ensure a swift solution and avoid any repeat circumstances.  We also send out in-depth surveys post-event to make sure we capture as much feedback as possible from our participants to try and learn if there is any more we can do.


None of our itineraries include or in any way help to facilitate the mistreatment of animals.  In any destination we travel to we travel to and with each and every ground agent we use we ensure that their policies towards animal welfare align with our and are always a top priority. 


In the build up to the challenge and on the events themselves we constantly remind participants to follow the classic travelling mantra of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  Whether it be in the planning stage to purchase second-hand items and keep our equipment well maintained or on the events itself to purchase items with less packaging and to always purchase reusable over disposable items.

Climate care

We support Climate Care a service that helps you off-set the carbon emission created from your charity challenge flight. It does this by ‘offsetting’ the greenhouse gas emissions, such as CO2, from your activities by reducing an equivalent amount of CO2 on your behalf.  Full details of how to do this are communicated once you sign up!  

Click here  to calculate and offset your carbon footprint.  

Low carbon events

Classic Challenge are proud to operate charity challenge events where no flights are involved to keep the carbon footprint for individuals as low as possible. Examples of our low carbon events include one day UK bike rides and treks, our most popular London and Paris bike ride and numerous European and UK based short-haul events.  You don’t have to get on a plane to seek an adventure!

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